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Part of LED Projects in China


Part of LED Projects in China

2012/11/07 17:18

Harbin urban and rural road upgrading LED Lighting Project(FYZD928-Ⅰ-100W)

Shanxi shiyan tianshui Highway Tunnel Lighting Project(FYGT86-Ⅰ-50W/80W,FYGT86-Ⅱ-120W/180W)

Gansu zhangye binhai new area landscape Lighting Project(FYGC31-Ⅰ-30W/50W,FYGT205-Ⅱ-30W )

Shijiangzhuang youyi Street LED lighting Project(FYZD928-Ⅰ-40W/80W、FYZD930-120W)

Yunnan qujing kilin Government LED Road Lighting Project(FYZD928-Ⅱ-100W)

Henan luoyang kaiyuan avenue LED Lighting Project(FYZD86-Ⅲ-120W)

In 2011,the annual sales volume of LED lighting products (including domestic market and exportation abroad) is more than 600000 pieces.

More newly designed LED products are under developing and will come to you recently.We will keep you closely informed.