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Award Ceremony of 2011


Award Ceremony of 2011

2012/11/07 17:20

On Jan. 7,2012,more than 1000 YASHIPS people are delighted to gather together for the Award Ceremony of 2011.

the meeting started at 10:00am: .More than 200 people are honorably awarded as Advanced Employees, outstanding staff.

8 workgroupsare awarded as “Excellent Work Team” respectively from assembling lines,powdercoating workshops,electrical

workshops,die-casting workshops,metal-sheet processing workshops,bulb workshops,logistic & warehouse…

General Manager Ms.Yang Liuqun,Chief Technical Director Mr.Chen Xiaoge, and Managers of Production

Dept.,Rawmaterials Dept.,Electrical Dept.,award prizes to pioneer of Yaships and greeting “Happy New

Year” and show best wishes to all the member of Yaships .